Swedish Illustrators & Graphic Designers 2023

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The link between freelance artists and clients
Illustratörcentrum’s catalogue presents innovative, diverse and creative work of 212 illustrators, graphic designers and animators.
The visual concept for this year’s cover design is the ampersand. This symbol not only represents the work that binds members together but also perfectly represents the way Illustratörcentrum serves as a link between artists and clients.
Illustratörcentrum is the largest provider of visual communication in Sweden. Through us, you will find and get in contact with the majority of Sweden’s illustrators, graphic designers and animators. This catalogue showcases 212 of them and has been created as a tool to guide you in finding artists for various commissions. We hope you will enjoy it, use it frequently and be inspired by all the creative work.

Artikelnr: 1000000011609